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‘ISSAT’ has provided an immense contribution to the advanced qualification of professionals.

ISSAT in the period 2008-2014 organized Second Level Master Studies and Professional Master Studies…

ISSAT has collaborated with the National Center for Continuing Education (Ministry of Health) for Education…

‘ISSAT’ is well known for organizing Professional Trainings for Teachers and Education Leaders…


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ISSAT is an Institute of vision and very motivational. I have been lucky to have been one of the students of this institution. They promote students’ values there more than everywhere. It stands out for its lecturers’ level of seriousness and scientific preparation. The institution demands make you reach your expectations for the future.

Gledi Kryemadhi, Logistics & Marketing Director, Cagatay Logistics Albania
An unforgettable experience, with professionalism and standards being the key words in the teaching process. I feel grateful for this investment in knowledge has made me feel appreciated at every panel with both local and foreign colleagues on my working engagements be it in the country, or with organisations in the region or EU countries.
Milena Sauku, Director of Human Resources Training and Development Procedures, Tirana Municipality.

All you need is a desire to learn, and “ISSAT” will take care of the rest. Great, strict and correct staff, as well as rich curricula. Happy to have further expanded the boundaries of knowledge with you. Respect and gratitude for every lecturer, who, with passion and commitment, shared with us their best experiences.

Klotilda Lila, HR Specialist, Union Bank.
My first contact with ISSAT came from my need and without any expectations. As soon as you set foot on it, within the doors of this institution, you realize that ISSAT is not simply one more step in our daily bureaucracy, but a temple of knowledge, which directly contributes to the improvement of our professional path, and that of the people who need our help. To change the world, we must first change ourselves and in doing that, intellectualism, professionalism, and the support you find in ISSAT is the key that keeps your hope alive every day.
Parid Kushta, Software Engineer

“ISSAT” is not simply the only centre of excellence when it comes to advanced education in Albania. It is also the only opportunity, where the most distinguished representatives of the Albanian elite share their experience with the next generation.

Where else in Albania, would you be so fortunate to meet with the best academics and be gripped by the unrepeatable lectures of each one of them? Each of “ISSAT” training courses merges local experience with the state-of-the-art innovation brought by the most skillful professors.

Albana Korpa, Clinical psychologist

My acknowledgement to all the lecturers of “ISSAT” and particularly to the lecturers of the “International Relations and Diplomacy” course, the unforgettable Professor Luan Hajdaraga. I had the honor of being part of this dignified course. My special thanks to the Executive Director of the Institute, Ms. Ilda Meidani. I am very grateful to you for guiding me towards the right training course for me. I wish ISSAT lots of success!

Albana Duraj, Specialist, National Employment Service.

I have the best memories and highest considerations of my Scientific Master’s studies for ”Social Psychology of Communication” for the high level of professionalism of the academic staff and the distinguished quality of materials used during my studies. The combination of the Swiss professors’ experience with that of the top Albanian professors, enabled me to enrich my professional knowledge and effectively apply them in my work as a University professor.

Marlind Pelushi, Professor at the University of Sports.

I’m glad I studied at ISSAT. It’s inspiring to take lessons from ISSAT lecturers. My best wishes to ISSAT staff and students. I have the highest respect for the leaders and professors there, and my best memories of my studies at ISSAT.

Hysen Uka, Employee at Dibra Prefecture

First, this institution offers the best academic staff with an excellent experience both in the Albanian and international sphere.
Secondly, I would particularly emphasize the high level of all the students and participants over the past two years, when I studied at this institution.
But most of all, this experience and the knowledge I obtained over these years have made me feel properly prepared for the field, where I develop and provide my expertise.

Luela Hajdaraga, Co-ordinator of Co-Governance Office, Prime Minister's Office.

My studies at “ISSAT”, developed with professional professors of experience with international universities and organisations abroad, have completely changed my perception as a student and a lawyer. That’s where I realized that studying is not enough.

At this institution, I have been given the opportunity to be heard and develop my writing and presentation skills, as well as legal interpretation. At “ISSAT” I learned to gain self-confidence and fight hard to defend what I think is right and legitimate. The power of speech is the main tool a lawyer owns.

Katerina Muka, Lawyer

Mbi 14,000 profesionistë të trajnuar në ISSAT

Mbi 14,000 profesionistë të trajnuar në ISSAT

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